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Are you a highly sensitive successful business woman who feels shy & anxious just thinking about talking in front of others?

And even though you feel resilient on the outside, and really want to share your gift that you're passionate about, on the inside you dread the thought of having to speak in front of people.

Hi, my name is Lorraine Biggs, and you are in the right place if you are a successful business woman who wants to share your passion through speaking.


And even though you look confident on the outside, on the inside, you may feel anxious or even petrified and shy away from being visible to others whilst in meetings, networking and/or public speaking.  


I work with women like you, to help you explore your inner world to unearth and rediscover your:

  • Inner authentic self

  • Tranquility and happiness

  • Vibrancy and self-confidence

  • Authentic voice  

Before I started Lorraine's Speaker Freedom Programme, I was an anxious and sensitive person who held onto a lot of fear especially about speaking in public. I nearly didn’t buy the programme because I'm after trying other programs before and nothing helped, so I was a bit hesitant in investing in another programme.  ... more

so, you can become: 

  • More comfortable within your own skin sharing your passion whilst in meetings, networking or public speaking.

  • More vibrant, full of life and happy to put yourself forward to speak in front of others.

  • More free to be your authentic self so you are able to speak more confidently in front of others.

I came to Lorraine and signed up for her Programme to help me release my fears that were holding me back from being able to speak in public about my passion. I cannot tell you how Lorraine literally changed my life!  ... more

And then you are able to feel comfortable being your authentic self in front of an audience ...  no matter what the size!

...Free to be you!  Feeling open-hearted, enjoying sharing your passion with others and living your life to it's fullest potential both in your professional life and your personal life!

I would love you to have the kind of life you want now.

complimentary recording:  
"10 Minutes to a More Empowered Speaker" 
Visualization Process (MP3 Audio)

Pop your details into the box at the top of the page for your FREE gift – “10 Minutes to a More Empowered Speaker”


When you listen to this Visualization Process (MP3 audio), it helps you get in touch and rediscover your empowered speaker self!  You can use this simple techique any time, at a moments notice, for instance, just before your give your Captivating Introduction or just before you get up to give your speech, ... Empowerment at your fingertips!

... however, if you find that it doesn't quite work as well as you would like and/or you would like a more empowered feeling on a permanent basis, then come back and visit my Contact Page or just click on the "Contact Me" Button to arrange for your Free Confidential Discovery Session.  And I look forward to speaking to you soon!

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