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Are you a highly sensitive successful woman who feels anxious & overwhelmingly sad most of the time?

Welcome to my website, my name is Lorraine Biggs and I am a highly sensitive woman who used to wake up feeling anxious and overwhelmingly sad most mornings.  Sometimes I woke up feeling terrified as well.  


...And I am happy to say I don’t feel that way now.  I found a way to change my life.  To change how I felt about myself, building my confidence, which enabled me to become more resourceful and resilient in dealing with other people.  To feel more in control of my emotions which made me happier in myself, more energy, more joy, which means I have developed healthy relationships that enhance my life which means I now live the life I've always wanted – feeling lighter, loved unconditionally, supported & wanted by … myself!  And it’s a really good feeling to have!

I now work with highly sensitive women to create exactly the kind of change I experienced so that they too can become more confident, resourceful and resilient, allowing them to live their life to their fullest potential, feeling lighter and brighter whilst doing so! 

I would love you to have the kind of life you want now.  

Lorraine’s work is nothing short of amazing. It is very gentle and subtle and yet profound in its immediate effects.   ... more


"able to become strong, healthy, or successful again after something bad happens"

Source:  Merriam-Webster Dictionary

If any of this resonates with you, and you are interested in exploring how we can work together, simply click on the blue "Contact Me" button. This link will take you to my contact page where you can complete your contact details.  I will then contact you to set up a time that is convenient to us both to have a free Emotional Discovery Session.

FREE Emotional Discovery Session

Once I receive your details (after you have clicked the "Contact Me" Button, and arranged a convenient time, we can get together on Skype), we can explore whether we are suited to work together.  Our conversation will then enable me to decide whether I can support you on your journey of self-discovery to reach your goals.


And when we work together, I give you the time and space for you to explore, rediscover and become that more resourceful, more resilient you; the you who is fully open to experiencing everything life has to bring, enabling you to open your heart to the world and enjoy your full rich life and all it's positive connections!

If all of this feels too much to soon, and you would like to get to know me a bit better before we chat, I do understand.  I have created a Free Stress Buster Checklist to help you identify how stress affects us (even though we don't realize it as it can show up in the strangest of places!

Complete the box below to receive it in your inbox within seconds!

Before I started my sessions with Lorraine I was not in control of my unconscious reactions and coping mechanisms in my life. ... more


"able to deal well with new or difficult situations and to find solutions to problems" 

Source: Merriam-Webster Dictionary

Please Note:  I will protect your privacy & unsubscribe you upon your request

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