The Perfect Evening Dress – Are You Struggling to Further Your Career Because Something’s Stopping Y

Have you stopped putting yourself forward for promotion for fear of being expected to speak in front of others?

Have you invested so much time, money, energy into books and training courses? And even though you have completed it, you have the knowledge, you still cringe at the very thought of being visible? Has your investment gone to waste (yet again)?

I know how you feel, Cynthia came to me with this very problem.

Cynthia’s Story…

Cynthia wanted desperately to further her career. She even paid for a Public Speaking Course to help boost her confidence; however, even though she was relatively successful during the course, she just couldn’t take that extra step of putting all that investment in time, money, skill and knowledge into action and being comfortable talking in front of others once the course ended. So she didn't apply for that management position she so desperately wanted because she was so anxious about speaking in public.

Even when she was asked to speak at company meetings, Cynthia found that her palms would be sweaty, her mouth dry, shaking all over, and her knees would go weak at just the thought of being visible. And actually, doing it was excruciating! It took her days to recover!

Final Straw…So when Cynthia's manager got sick and she was asked to attend a Charity Business Event in her manager’s place, it was the last straw for her! She did her best to try to get out of it, she made up all sorts of excuses – even said that she didn’t have any evening dresses. But that didn’t wash – Cynthia was told to go out and buy one!

At the very heart of it, even though Cynthia knew her stuff inside out, she had an internal barrier from putting herself “out there;” That critical inner voice, “I’m not good enough”; that inner heavy nervous feeling at the core of her very being, that prevented her from taking that direction in her life that would further her career.

So many excuses from getting out of so many missed opportunities.

What Cynthia really wanted was to be able to use the skills that she had learnt at her Public Speaking Course. She wanted to feel more comfortable being herself whilst speaking in front of others to enable her to have self-confidence to be recognized for her knowledge and expertise and therefore, to gain more respect from her peers, her managers and others.

But you know, it doesn’t have to be like this…

Through working together, Cynthia learnt the root of her problems; and more importantly, a coping skill that she had put in place a long time ago to help her manage her anxiety.

But now, having worked together, she no longer becomes anxious just thinking about attending meetings as she now feels free to be herself; Therefore, comfortable attending meetings and making appropriate contributions with self-confidence and consequently gaining respect from her peers and managers. She has also happily bought that perfect evening dress and looking forward to being invited to the next big Company Charity Event. In addition, she has eagerly put her name forward for that long awaited promotion and even put her name forward for a TED Talk!

Does any of this resonates with you? If so, please contact me for a FREE Emotional Discovery Call to see if we can work together to help you find that inner peace that has alluded you for so long. So that you can feel more self-confident, more in control of your feelings and comfortable speaking in front of any size audience! Free to be you!

My name is Lorraine M. Biggs and I invite you to join me on your FREE Emotional Discovery Call to explore and discover:

  • Clarity: Both around where you are now and where you want to be

  • What’s stopping You?

  • Is Social Anxiety negatively impacting your life?

  • Mining for Gems: During this call, I will guide you through a meditative visualization process to help you rediscover an inner resource. Once rediscovered, this inner resource is yours to help you (within a second) when you most need it.

  • Contact Me:

FREE OFFER: However, if you feel that it's too soon to chat, I do understand. So to help you to get to know me a little better, click here to get your free MP3 recording to help you become a more empowered speaker in an instant:


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