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Rebirth - The Phoenix Rising

I have had the privilege and wonderful opportunity to share a small part of my journey in this inspiring book, named:  Rebirth – The Phoenix Rising, using the power of words to let go, heal old wounds and deep emotional scars.  My Chapter is named:  "Drama to Calmer" along with my Words of Wisdom: "Being Your Own Armchair Detective"

In this project, I have been blessed to work with inspirational, beautiful souls who have also shared their challenges, their traumas, real life events.  In addition, we’ve all added a chapter with Words of Wisdom and exercises to help you start (or continue to) on your empowering Inner Work Healing Journey to a much healthier you and a more empowering life!


Lorraine M. Biggs: "Drama to Calmer"

Words of Wisdom: "Being Your Own Armchair Detective"

DebS: The Power of Words

Words of Wisdom:  "Words of Wisdom"

Dr. Monia Chugh:  "The Silent Soul"

Words of Wisdom:  "Life Experiences

Dale Darley:  "Healing the Father Wound"

Words of Wisdom:  "The Healing Pathway of the Heart"

Wendy Keir:  "The Truth of Dyslexia Discrimination"

Words of Wisdom:  "Releasing Emotional Toxicity in Your Mind and Body"

Merilyn Parker:  "Mending a Broken Heart"

Words of Wisdom:  "My Healing Journey"

Nicole “Kailani” Sakarra:  "Fire and Ice"

Words of Wisdom: Journey from Shadow to Warrior Goddess"

Dale Darley: "Dancing with Dark Angels"

Words of Wisdom: "Letting Go of Shame and Guilt"

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