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Lorraine M. Biggs

Therapeutic Facilitator & Coach

... so why work with me?

​Having had 50+ years of experience living in a highly sensitive woman’s body, as well as observing many successfully sensitive women around me has given me so much insight into the challenges we highly sensitive successful women face.  Especially those who do suffer from feeling anxious.  In addition, listening to wonderful highly sensitive women who have told me about their own experiences that have affected their whole lives as mine have done, has drawn me to my work. 

I have realized that I am not the only one who needs help to gain control over their emotions and therefore, their lives.  So I spent 7 years training, developing, practicing my expertise in mind-body connection techniques in order not only to heal my own emotional wounds from my unresolved emotional energy from significant events in my past but also to help others in a similar predicament.  Helping them to heal emotional wounds as well so that they too can live their life waking up each morning feeling lighter, brighter and looking forward to each day.

... And, having worked with a number of women, my success speaks for itself:

Lorraine’s work is nothing short of amazing. It is very gentle and subtle and yet profound in its immediate effects. She helps you to access the root origin of incidents in your early life which are responsible for activating behaviour patterns that hold you back and prevent you from being the best you can be. When I began this work with Lorraine, I had no idea how it would work or what the effects might be. This work has left me feeling, so much lighter and happier and it has stopped me from procrastinating and avoiding doing certain things in my life. It seems before this work I would be happy to hold onto the anxiety and just avoid an event or doing a certain thing and yet I never understood what stood in the way or held me back.  Now I feel very different, positive and willing to embrace areas of my life with enthusiasm and positivity. 

We worked together initially for two days in retreat and have since done more work via Skype sessions which is very convenient.


I recommend Lorraine’s work for anyone who may be aware they are living a life of limitation and less than their potential.  You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.  

AH Kent UK

I can't believe it!  I went to bed last night with a warm feeling about Christmas.  No longer does the word Christmas bring fear and panic to my inner self.  In years gone by, the one place that I would have found some sort of inner peace at Christmas was in a church, but latterly with the emphasis on DIY religion and feeling obliged to give, even when I had no money in the bank to give, going to church had become an experience too stressful to repeat.

I would never have believed that it was possible to re-frame all those negative experiences that had started to obliterate any good feelings or memories of Christmas and yet I now feel able to think about it without panic and without fear that I'll lose myself.


I think there may be some more work to do on the subject, but just wanted to let you know how amazed I am that in the space of one hour I feel that my perspective has totally changed for the better thanks to your help.

GH Manchester, UK

  • Having experienced my own transformation from, feeling:

    • agoraphobic as I was unable to leave the house for about a week (30's)

    • panic attacks, my leg muscles felt like lead (50's)

    • overwhelmed with a horrible feeling in my stomach and not looking forward to the upcoming day

    • anxious and sometimes terrified each morning when I woke up

    • overwhelming sadness and grayness

    • very hard to trust anyone

    • like I’m not good enough – I never seemed to get things right – feeling like a failure at everything

    • like I kept on tripping myself up (self-sabotage)

    • avoiding certain people and places

    • procrastinating all the time so I never got any thing done that I wanted to get done

  • I now feel:

    • happy getting up each morning and look forward to each day

    • relaxed and calm most of the time – I don’t get defensive like I used to.  

      • I used to feel like I was being judged and criticized most of the time.

    • Get things done that I want to get done

    • more resilient and resourceful:

      • calmly dealing with what life throws at me  

      • being able to think through problems and not feeling overwhelmed

    • comfortable in putting in place and respecting the benefit of healthy boundaries with everyone, making my relationships a whole lot easier to deal with!

My Own Personal Transformation

Please go to my Testimonials Page to see more similar to this...

You are in the right place if you are a woman who:
  • feels overwhelming sadness, alone, numb, unsupported and only given antidepressants for your symptoms (and you don’t feel right when you take them), then we need to talk to see if I can help you, because

    • I felt that way, I was given anti-depressants and I hated being on them, they didn’t help me – just made me feel funny and numb

    • So when I helped heal myself from those horrible feelings of overwhelming sadness, anxiety, depression, feeling alone and unsupported, I feel so much relief, feeling more supported, more energy and joy; it feels like I've come home to being my authentic me ...and it’s a wonderful feeling! .... and/or ....

  • has felt judged, criticized, told (directly or indirectly) that you are a hypochondriac (“it’s all in your head”) when you have told your GP/Consultant that you are in pain and they can’t find the reason for your pain then you are in the right place,

    • When I was told that my pain in my body was all in my head, and the day I was told by a nurse that I was a hypochondriac – I knew they were wrong and I felt judged, criticized, basically being called a liar, a fake – I had body pain, I was in need of help but nobody knew how to help me, it felt so frustrating!  So having been able to heal myself from these symptoms is such a wonderful experience!

... So how do we know if we're a good fit to work together?
Join me for a Free Emotional Discovery Session


Click on the "Contact Me" Button to book your FREE Confidential Emotional Discovery Call.  


During your FREE Confidential Emotional Discovery Session, we can explore what it is that you want from life. Where you are now and where you want to be.  


And when we work together, I give you the time and space for you to explore, rediscover and become that resourceful, resilient you; the you who is fully open to experiencing everything life has to bring, enabling you to open your heart to the world and enjoy your full rich life and all it's positive connections!


If all of this feels too much to soon, and you would like to get to know me a bit better before we chat, I do understand.  I have created a FREE Stress Buster Checklist to help you identify stress symptoms - even though we don't realize it as it can show up in the strangest of places!

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