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LMB Testimonials

Many thanks to all you beautiful souls.  These testimonials are a testament to both of us - our journey together has been an enriching one. 

It has been a pleasure and an honour working with you and walking alongside you, facilitating you towards your life goals. 

And this is what my inspiring clients want to share with you about their LMB Programme experience and results...

I highly recommend working with Lorraine if you are sensitive and looking for a safe space to process complex-childhood trauma, regain self esteem and self sovereignty, and thrive as an entrepreneur. I had been undergoing major treatments for head injuries I had sustained in childhood, that I had forgotten about as I had had to suppress the memories to survive my sociopathic, alcoholic mother, and narcissistic, enabling father. It was only when the injuries began to cause disability and loss of vision they were discovered. While having treatments with a cranial osteopath, many traumatic memories came up and my PTSD became debilitating ... to the point that I couldn't function or sleep from the nightmares. I wanted to be able to stand in my power and promote my work on YouTube, but my confidence had been so shattered, I felt unable to do so ... partly because I was afraid my family would hear me and ridicule me... or worse! 

Lorraine held space for me while she encouraged me to be my own armchair detective, and feel into where my body was keeping the score and holding onto the memories as pain. 

By leading me through a hypnotic meditation where I was able to visit these traumas from a safe space, I was able to remove energetic blocks from the wounds stored in my body and reduce the pain significantly. I was able to heal my ancestral chain of pain and access the wisdom of my Higher Self. 

Lorraine also sent Reiki healing to me, to calm me and support me while I processed and released the cellular memories of my wounds, not only from childhood, but throughout my life. 

Now I feel so much lighter and more confident. I feel able to face my abusers and stand tall, without negative feelings shattering my self esteem. Lorraine and I are now working on my fear of public speaking, so I can speak with ease and confidence on my new channel, and promote my writing work. I feel far more resourceful and my self esteem has grown in leaps and bounds in the few months we have been working together. I do genuinely feel like a phoenix rising from the ashes of my life, as her Phoenix Rising process works! I highly recommend Lorraine if you are looking at releasing old baggage and improving your self confidence. "

Terriah Rose, Portugal

I came to Lorraine for online reiki as I was keen to try reiki and thought it might improve my health.  I nearly didn't do her “Serenity Within Programme” because it was online and I wondered if it was actually even possible virtually!  However, I'm so glad I did do it!  I found it worked brilliantly remotely and the effect was amazing! 


As a result, I felt relaxed, re-energised and restored.  I definitely felt my energies had been cleared in a way I haven't quite felt before and my energy improved as a result! I was surprised by its power - it was so good I felt I could get hooked on the after feeling!  Lorraine is brilliant and is a skilful Reiki Master.  Thank you Lorraine!

Julia M., Berkshire, UK  

Before I did the “LMB Phoenix Mind/Body Programme” I was caught up in my past and my stories in ways that I didn't even realise!  There were things I just thought were me and I couldn't get past.  There were stories I had forgotten too but were also holding me back.

I nearly didn’t buy the programme because I really didn't want to do more coaching and I didn't see how this could really make a difference!  
However, I’m so glad I did because I have been able to truly heal parts of my life that I thought were set in stone and immovable!!  


As a result of doing this programme I found the strength to go through a divorce, move home, develop a business and face my life on my own as a mum with renewed confidence.  I began the programme, weak and drained and I completed it strong and confident, a very different me.

I now feel much more at peace inside, much more confident and at ease with the past.  I have finally been able to move on from both childhood & life trauma and Lorraine has helped in ways I could never have imagined!


Lorraine is amazing!! She is intuitive, loving and supportive and a true guide to help you clear the blocks from your past in a unique way.  I came to this process never quite understanding how it works but it did!  This is deep, powerful work and it can have surprising results and revelations along the way!  This is not your normal coaching programme!  The programme is definitely a unique healing journey and the significant length of it was actually welcomed and needed. Just lean in and trust Lorraine (she is amazing) and the process even when you are not sure about it! Lorraine is kind and understanding and can weave wonders for you with even the hardest of memories. 


Thank you so much Lorraine for a powerful and life-changing journey.

Julia M. , Berkshire, UK

I have been working on my own healing journey for around 7years now, and at the time I went to Lorraine, I wanted to increase my self-confidence and self-belief and heal more from codependency.


She helped me to work with my traumas in a way that was gentle, yet powerful, to release much emotion, thoughts, and energy from my past experiences that were limiting me in some way. I had many insights, which I journaled on after, as well as healing.


Lorraine was very caring, patient and non-judgemental allowing me to feel safe in her presence, and although committing to that many sessions felt daunting, it was wonderful how much could be released during that time.


I definitely feel stronger in myself through the knowledge, insights, self-awareness, and healing I have received, and it is interesting how our wounds can affect many different areas of our life.


Victoria, Kent"

I met Lorraine when I was in a very difficult situation. I was overwhelmed with a lot of grief, sadness and anxiety. I felt like I was drowning. Her sessions helped me a lot to find more inner strength. These sessions involved digging deeper into my feelings and finding the root of them through visualisation.


At first I wasn’t sure how it was going to help me, but it did. I’ve begun to let go of old feelings that were just holding me back. I noticed that I could keep myself calm in stressful situations, even my sleep pattern has changed and I am feeling a lot better in general.


It’s been a very unique life changing journey with her help. It was a great decision to work with Lorraine and I can only recommend her. Thank you!

Klaudia J, Doncaster, UK

I first met Lorraine at a business networking event & I was immediately drawn to her calm kind nature.


It was a quite a while before I actually decided to work with Lorraine, but as I got to know her better, I realised that we had some deeper connections that I could completely identify with, & so I learned that Lorraine was not only an expert in her field, but she had developed her work as a result of her own personal experiences & learning.  That alone instinctively told me that I could trust Lorraine with my own personal experience & vulnerabilities.


I wasn’t quite sure what to expect during my sessions working with Lorraine, I knew it involved a degree of visualisation which I’ve never been very good at, so from that point I wasn’t sure if Lorraine’s method or technique would work for me or not.

We tried it out, at first it felt very strange & I was doubtful if it would work for me, but Lorraine said she would be able to help me & I knew I wanted to put my trust in her. 


I had always suffered from bouts of depression & anxiety which were deep rooted in my early childhood.


I was still suffering from lack of confidence, low self esteem & had a very negative mindset, & I definitely knew this wasn’t how I wanted to be living the rest of my life, I wanted to heal & feel I was living my best life.


So this was the start of my inner healing journey which Lorraine guided & supported me through. 


Lorraine is very professional & focused, but at the same time she is also gentle, compassionate & non- judgemental. I felt “safe” & comfortable to be able to be myself & express freely & openly how I was feeling. For the first time I didn’t feel alone on my journey, it felt like Lorraine was there to hold my hand & steady me if I faltered. There was never any pressure to push on with anything that I couldn’t manage.


I felt I had a choice & could set my own pace through my journey. Lorraine has been so patient & flexible working with me around what I have had going on in my life.


I started to have a greater understanding of the healing process & why I was still being triggered by my past. Lorraine explained that healing wasn’t always a straight road & that sometimes it could get a bit bumpy along the way. She explained it was like peeling away the layers of an onion & the ultimate changes would be very sutble & gradual at first. 


Looking back to where I was & how low I was feeling when I first started working with Lorraine, & how much better I feel now is truly amazing.

Lorraine has not just helped me to understand my past triggers & heal from them, she has worked with me, supporting me through months of new trauma too, family bereavements, car accidents & chronic mental illness just to mention a few. 

Lorraine has helped me to keep everything in perspective during that time when my world felt crazy,  she maintained her gentle sense of humour to help me cope with the very dark times. She referred to these as “gems” or “gifts” which gave me the opportunity to do some amazing healing work. 


I feel that I am now much calmer, more positive & happier in myself.

My family have also noticed a positive difference in me, & I feel I have taken back some control over my life.


I am looking forward to continuing the rest of my healing journey with Lorraine & would definitely recommend anyone suffering from anxiety or past trauma to work with Lorraine & let her guide & support you  on your healing journey.


Lorraine has given me the tools to use for myself to help me move forward in my life so that I can be the best version of myself.

Sending heartfelt thanks & love to you Lorraine xxx  (CB, Kent, UK)

Having met Lorraine by chance, I was feeling nervous about what to expect from our first session.  However, I felt an immediate rapport with Lorraine who allowed me to talk openly about my feelings.  It was then that my inner journey began.

I had always experienced bouts of depression and was stuck in a mental maze of deeply embedded negative thoughts and anxiety stemming from my childhood.  Lorraine worked with me and helped me to identify my needs and to understand the feelings of repetitive negativity.  She enabled me to learn respect for myself and to find strategies to combat my anxiety and she opened my eyes to a greater understanding of my personal situation.

Lorraine is very professional but also extremely patient and empathetic.  She has helped me gain confidence in myself and has also given me the tools and techniques to move forward in my life.

I am a happier version of myself.  Hopefully I have become a better mum, daughter and wife as my husband is amazed and also delighted with my transformation.

Having met Lorraine and undertaken the Phoenix Programme has been one of the most beneficial challenges I have ever done.  I now feel that I have taken back control of my life and I look forward to continuing my journey.  Linda K., Sussex, UK

Lorraine’s Phoenix programme has changed my life in more ways than I expected. I was lucky enough to see Lorraine speak at an event and knew she could help release the blocks and negative attitudes I felt were holding me back in my business. Working with Lorraine has not only improved my confidence and self-belief, but it’s also improved my family relationships and my general outlook on life. I feel much more positive and capable which has had a positive impact on my business too. Lorraine is gentle but focused and guides you expertly through the surprisingly simple but effective process which was very new to me. Thank you, Lorraine.  Stella C., Kent, U.K.

Lorraine Biggs has helped me heal past traumas that I didn’t even realize was holding me back in business and my personal life. I felt safe and comfortable to be myself during her sessions even though part of me didn’t really want to acknowledge the issues I was dealing with. Her method is gentle, compassionate and non-judgmental. I would thoroughly recommend working with Lorraine on any blocks which could be stopping you from achieving your full potential. You are worth it.   

N. Joree, Kent. UK

I wanted to work with Lorraine so that I could find my voice and get unstuck when communicating to the public about my service and signed up to Lorraine’s year long Phoenix program.  I found Lorraine very understanding and through working with her found a work life balance that enabled me to let go of the stress around being in business and get back to the thing that drew me into business which is my love of working with clients using natural medicine.  This has allowed me to get back to my roots and communicate from my heart as well as my experience and learning and that has created a real sense of freedom that goes way beyond my initial expectations for the Phoenix program.     Victoria Comiskey, Dublin, Ireland     Victoria's Website: 

Before I started work with Lorraine I was frustrated because I felt that despite following advice from my business mentors, taking lots of action, feeling confident that I had a lot to offer my clients, etc I just wasn’t managing to find my flow in my business. I felt that somehow something was creating a block and preventing me from moving forward.

I realised that this was almost certainly the inner stuff that I needed to address so started reading lots of books on this and also decided to work with Lorraine, as she assured me that what she does isn’t all about confidence in speaking.


I’ve now had 6 sessions, with 1 more to go in this programme and the difference has been amazing. It’s hard to describe what I’m doing differently but I feel that at last everything is on a roll. I feel as if I’m much more able to hold onto the bigger picture of how I want my business to develop and it feels as if I’ve finally found that elusive flow. Thank you Lorraine.  R.Maunder, Petersfield, UK

I approached Lorraine initially as I was aware of being stuck and disengaged in where I had gotten to in my corporate career and this was mirrored with feeling disconnected from others. I wanted dearly to become more authentic and to rediscover the confidence of my younger years but realised that I was being blocked in some way and wanted the perspective of someone experienced.

Unsure what to expect, and after my initial sceptism about online coaching had quickly disappeared, I thought that I was approaching the first session with an open mind. As much as Lorraine’s role is to coach I soon realised I too needed to dig deep to find the answers within. An essential element of any self-discovery work is to uncover and explore feelings.  However this was a part of me that I had locked away, for fear of being weak or needy. This manifested as self-sabotage which disrupted my involvement in the process. Lorraine helped me to identify that unhelpful part of myself and then I was finally able to let go and to trust the process that she was skillfully guiding me through. Whilst emotionally challenging at times, these were some of my most rewarding sessions!

I have found the experience to be a very positive and empowering one. Speaker Freedom coaching with Lorraine has raised my self-awareness and through the process I have, for the first time, been able to really articulate what I wanted to say which has been hugely liberating. Lorraine is supportive, non-judgmental and very easy to talk to and these factors coupled with her relaxed manner, but focused style of questioning were supremely effective. A very worthwhile investment!

S.Martin, Tunbridge Wells, UK

I did the Speaker Freedom Programme with Lorraine because I was giving an hour-long workshop at a major two day fair. It was my first time doing public speaking for thirty years and I am naturally an introvert so the thought of it made me feel very uncomfortable. I wanted to give a lively and engaging talk but the thought of it was really scary.

Initially I was skeptical about Lorraine’s programme. I didn’t see the connection between my fear of public speaking and my past. Lorraine gently and kindly took me back to my past releasing trapped emotions. After each session, I would feel wonderfully calm and relaxed. At the end of the course, (we had eight sessions in total) I could visualize myself going into the room and delivering my talk confidently.

I prepared for my talk very carefully so that by the time I walked into the room for real, I was really well prepared. I delivered my talk confidently and it went really well. Hurrah! I am now planning to do more talks. Thank you so much, Lorraine. Your Speaker Freedom Programme did exactly what it promised to do.    Sandra Elston, Natural Vitality, Kent, U.K.

Lorraine is currently working with me and helping me resolve deep seated fears from childhood that I wasn't aware were affecting me so significantly until we uncovered them together and cleared them. I’ve also noticed some positive changes are happening within myself.  For example: I love networking, mostly in a female environment. Though I have said my pitch many times, I have tended to get nervous as it comes closer to me doing my one minute; Accelerated heartbeat, shallow, fast breathing.  And when the host asks who wants to go first, I do not say me.  I noticed after the last networking event I attended, I did not feel nervous and also changed the emphasis of the pitch. Afterwards a lady said that I immediately grabbed her attention with my opening line. Result. 


And amazingly these results are leading to positive changes in my nearest and dearest. An analogy would be a singular raindrop will create a tiny ripple on the surface of a pond, as there are more raindrops the ripples are more pronounced and spread a further distance. I hope this makes sense. I thoroughly recommend Lorraine in supporting you to become a happier you.  V. Fox, Kent U.K.

Lorraine’s unique model was easy to access as it was Online. Working with Lorraine has enabled me to remove barriers and blocks which were interfering with my thinking. There are things now I can look forward to without fear and this has made an unbelievable difference to my life. It was absolutely tailored to me. I would say that until you have the conversation with Lorraine you will never know that there is a solution to your problem. G.Hunt, Liverpool, U.K. 

I was very skeptical before I started this journey with Lorraine, but I can see the progress. I was having a lot childhood issues which was stopping me moving forward, but Lorraine’s programme has helped me to clear those blockages.  It’s helped me in my business because it helped me rediscover my confidence.  I’m now able to follow my Speaker Coach’s expert advice so that I can get out there to share my passion, grow my business and help people.  It’s also given me another chance to build relationships with my loved ones.  I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Lorraine to anyone, this woman means business xx thank you Lorraine for all the help x    K. Winchester, Kent, U.K.

Before I started Lorraine's Speaker Freedom Programme, I was an anxious and sensitive person who held onto a lot of fear especially about speaking in public. I nearly didn’t buy the programme because I'm after trying other programs before and nothing helped, so I was a bit hesitant in investing in another programme. 


I’m so glad that I did because it was more practical and transformational than anything else I have ever done before and I finally have control of my anxiety rather than my anxiety control me. 


As a result of doing the Programme I have signed up to many speaking opportunities, and instead of running away from opportunities I'm searching for them myself. I feel empowered and confident about who I am as a person and excited about the possibilities both personally and professionally. 


Working with Lorraine is truly transformational, and she understands on a whole other level than any else who I worked with before about the power of healing and how to tap into the person you were born to be. I have unblocked many barriers that have been holding me back from becoming my most authentic self, and I am forever grateful for Lorraine’s support and guidance.  

A. Nixon, Kent U.k. 

I came to Lorraine and signed up for her Programme to help me release my fears that were holding me back from being able to speak in public about my passion. I cannot tell you how Lorraine literally changed my life! I used to be a shy, quiet speaker who couldn’t look people in the eye because I was so nervous. Now I am standing up boldly in front of people and talking to groups passionately. I’ve also been on BBC Radio Kent. They’ve even invited me back! This is all within the four months of working with Lorraine.

Lorraine has a way of making you feel relaxed and has various techniques that release you from the past and from the old, negative conditioning that does not serve you. She holds space for you and understands that you have to be gentle with yourself to move forward. I don’t know where I’d be without Lorraine’s amazing knowledge, skill and support to get me to be the best and most authentic me. She has helped me experience my life without the barriers that held me back from true happiness and satisfaction with my speaking. I am now living my life to the full. I cannot recommend Lorraine highly enough.

You deserve to be happy and live the life you have always wanted. Lorraine can get you to that place, and now I’m not looking back.  ERH, Kent, U.K.

Lorraine’s work is nothing short of amazing. It is very gentle and subtle and yet profound in its immediate effects. She helps you to access the root origin of incidents in your early life which are responsible for activating behaviour patterns that hold you back and prevent you from being the best you can be. When I began this work with Lorraine, I had no idea how it would work or what the effects might be. This work has left me feeling, so much lighter and happier and it has stopped me from procrastinating and avoiding doing certain things in my life. It seems before this work I would be happy to hold onto the anxiety and just avoid an event or doing a certain thing and yet I never understood what stood in the way or held me back.  Now I feel very different, positive and willing to embrace areas of my life with enthusiasm and positivity. 

We worked together initially for two days in retreat and have since done more work via Skype sessions which is very convenient.


I recommend Lorraine’s work for anyone who may be aware they are living a life of limitation and less than their potential.  You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.  AH, Kent, UK

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