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I came to Lorraine and signed up for her Programme to help me release my fears that were holding me back from being able to speak in public about my passion of Numerology. I cannot tell you how Lorraine literally changed my life! I used to be a shy, quiet speaker who couldn’t look people in the eye because I was so nervous. Now I am standing up boldly in front of people and talking to groups passionately about Numerology. I’ve also been on BBC Radio Kent with Dominic King and Rachel Mackley and given them a Numerology reading. They’ve even invited me back! This is all within the four months of working with Lorraine.

Lorraine has a way of making you feel relaxed and has various techniques that release you from the past and from the old, negative conditioning that does not serve you. She holds space for you and understands that you have to be gentle with yourself to move forward. I don’t know where I’d be without Lorraine’s amazing knowledge, skill and support to get me to be the best and most authentic me. She has helped me experience my life without the barriers that held me back from true happiness and satisfaction with my speaking. I am now living my life to the full. I cannot recommend Lorraine highly enough.

You deserve to be happy and live the life you have always wanted. Lorraine can get you to that place, and now I’m not looking back.

ERH, Kent

Lorraine’s work is nothing short of amazing. It is very gentle and subtle and yet profound in its immediate effects. She helps you to access the root origin of incidents in your early life which are responsible for activating behaviour patterns that hold you back and prevent you from being the best you can be. When I began this work with Lorraine, I had no idea how it would work or what the effects might be. This work has left me feeling, so much lighter and happier and it has stopped me from procrastinating and avoiding doing certain things in my life. It seems before this work I would be happy to hold onto the anxiety and just avoid an event or doing a certain thing and yet I never understood what stood in the way or held me back.  Now I feel very different, positive and willing to embrace areas of my life with enthusiasm and positivity. 

We worked together initially for two days in retreat and have since done more work via Skype sessions which is very convenient.


I recommend Lorraine’s work for anyone who may be aware they are living a life of limitation and less than their potential.  You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.  

AH Kent UK

Before I started my sessions with Lorraine I was not in control of my unconscious reactions and coping mechanisms in my life. I felt sad and affected in the present by the memories of my past. Lorraine changed the way I felt about my childhood, and now my conditioning that I had learned over many years has started to break down.

I recognize now how I self-sabotage but I also feel different about me. I realise now that I am fine just as I am and now it’s my time to shine. I accept and love myself more than I ever have done in my life and am not afraid to be my authentic self.

I recommend Lorraine to anyone who feels that their past is affecting who they are now and if that is stopping them becoming who they want to be.

If you want to release the past from your thoughts and unconscious behaviours and live a life where you can be free from sadness from past conditioning, then Lorraine will help you do just that. I cannot thank her enough for helping me move forward in my journey and for helping me express who I am with confidence and love.

EB, Kent UK

I can't believe it!  I went to bed last night with a warm feeling about Christmas.  No longer does the word Christmas bring fear and panic to my inner self.  In years gone by, the one place that I would have found some sort of inner peace at Christmas was in a church, but latterly with the emphasis on DIY religion and feeling obliged to give, even when I had no money in the bank to give, going to church had become an experience too stressful to repeat.

I would never have believed that it was possible to re-frame all those negative experiences that had started to obliterate any good feelings or memories of Christmas and yet I now feel able to think about it without panic and without fear that I'll lose myself.


I think there may be some more work to do on the subject, but just wanted to let you know how amazed I am that in the space of one hour I feel that my perspective has totally changed for the better thanks to your help.

GH Manchester, UK

Triggers from  my past would set me off when faced with seeing something  on  T.V. or someone else's story similar to mine.   I'd relive it over and over again and be unwell.  I  needed to release negative emotions  and to get to root of the problem and  deal with it holding me back from living in the present.  Felt sadness, lost, no energy, sluggish and hard work to think positively... since I worked with Lorraine in a  kind, caring, patient,  understanding, respectful and relaxed  environment, it helped me a lot.  Darkness is turned to light.  Triggers don't upset me because  I'd faced up to it and dealt with it.  A big hug and thank you  from one lost  soul.  Now I'm managing life a lot better.  I feel good inside and get up each morning without that horrible feeling inside.   The past  doesn't haunt me anymore.

 JF Ayrshire, UK

I can't thank you enough, my gratitude is overflowing.  What amazing work you did with me, when life threw me a hard hitting curve ball, you were there, with your compassion, understanding and not to forget wonderful tools, keeping me on my path.  You really helped me relax and stay calm, when things around me were out of control, I managed to take each day as it came, like a swan.  To anyone dealing with difficult times, I highly recommend working with Lorraine. It is no longer something that happened, it is something I survived and came out of stronger with renewed, refreshed and nicely calibrated resources. I could not have managed without you!

CS India

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